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How about taking something ubuiquitous and seeing it in a whole different way? That's what we did with chair caning. My friend Frank had a piece left from a project and he gifted it to me - and we use it to make the center texture for this sunflower. The every-day texture is given new life when light hits the chocolatey glazed surface, complemented by variegated blue and tan petals.


Blue Rutile is a tough glaze to work with; but when it works, it is utterly fantastic. One of the more "runny" glazes I work with (check out the Bubbles Hex Bird House!), you can never be sure how it will turn out. With experience, results have become more predictable - and beautiful.

Blue Rutile Fancy Sunflower

  • Every petal is individually applied and each piece finished with rich glazes for a warm, gloss finish to complement your home or garden.



    • Mini - 4.5" diameter (comes with 18" stake)
    • Tiny - 7" diameter
    • Small - 8" diameter
    • Medium - 10" diameter
    • Large - 12" diameter
    • Extra-Large - 14" diameter
    • Ginormous - 16" diameter

    All measurements are approximate.


    Display Options

    Except for Minis, all Sunflowers have wire for wall mounting; Minis can accomodate your choice for wall display.

    Poles for using Sunflowers as free-standing art in the garden are not included with any Sunflowers except Minis. You will need to purchase stakes or pipe in the following sizes:

    • Tiny and Small Sunflowers – ¼" steel stakes.
    • Medium and Large Sunflowers - ½" copper pipe.
    • Extra-Large and Ginormous - ¾" copper pipe.
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