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It's time to clear some space in the studio—so we're having a clearance sale! All designs 50% off; standard shipping applies. Hover over the heading for this page and you'll see the drop-down menu for the various types of available designs.

These are all "firsts" - no defects. It's just time to clear some space for the new work I'm doing and for new ideas as they come.

Each piece is individually fabricated, bisque fired, glazed, high-fired and finished by me in my production and teaching studio, making each one a unique work of art.

If you can't see any pages under the CLEARANCE menu, that's because we're holding an event at which these pieces are being offered and we don't want anyone to be disappointed if something should sell. We
'll update and reactivate the pages after each event concludes.

("$0" under the entries on the collection's front page indicates there are various price points for the design listed.)

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