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Cheryl English is not only an accomplished potter but also an engaging speaker. She has developed her expertise through years of creating her Certified Wildlife Garden, active participation in local gardening groups and completion of Advanced Master Gardener and Master Composter programs.


She offers presentations on numerous garden subjects for your group meeting or conference with particular focus on topics relating to native plants/communities and Clematis. Most presentations last an hour.


Presentation Topics
Autumn Jewels

Autumn Jewels

The Science Behind the Scenery

Partridge Pea

Gardening for the Birds

Strategies for Optimizing Habitat

Vanessa virginiensis

Pollinator Preservation

Native Plants and Their Unique Relationships with Beneficial Insects

Viburnum acerifolium


Over Hydrangea Hysteria? Embrace garden-friendly native Vibrunums!

Bringing Natives Home

Integrating Native Species into Your Garden

Rudbeckia laciniata

It *Is* Easy to Be Green!

Welcome to the Gardening Revolution!

Claytonia virginica

Spring Beauties

Native Wildflowers for the Woodland Garden

Arisaema triphyllum

Wildflowers in MI Garden

Bring nature into your home garden with native plants.

Clematis Care and Culture

Get the Most from Your Favorite Flowering Vine!

Hamamelis virginiana

Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Garden-worthy Native Woodies for the Midwest Garden.

Vernonia missurica

The Late Show

Bring Your Fall Garden to Live with Native Plants!

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