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Earth First Tile

Our "Earth First" Tiles were the result of a commission from a couple—Ann and Wojtek—who have been long-time supporters and collectors of Black Cat Pottery designs. During the pandemic, they commissioned a tile design to gift the people on their street who, like them, were interested in and concerned about the state of the planet and wanted to find ways they could make things a little bit better. Their design acknowledged their tiny community, using some of the images and colors from my Itty Bitty Boxes. From that concept, I created a more universal design to express my own priorities.

Our Earth First Tiles are hand crafted using white stoneware and represent key players in the planet's ongoing health, picked out in beautiful celadon glazes. Designed with an organic "wabi sabi" sensibility, they're suitable for hanging or framing, they make a wonderful gift for the Eco Warriors in your circle.

Each piece is individually fabricated, bisque fired, glazed, high-fired and finished by me in my production and teaching studio, making each one a unique work of art.

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