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Sunflower Plaques

Our Sunflower Plaques were inspired by a small sunflower stamp I found years and years ago. I took this small stamp and scaled it up into a design reflecting our Deluxe Sunflowers. Each plaque, like the Deluxe Sunflower design inspiring it, has a textured center glazed in a warm chocolate brown with contrasting petals, the entire image surrounded by mosaic "tiles" in deep bottle green.


These are challenging, high-risk pieces for two reasons - they're big (10.75" square) and flat; and they are relatively high relief. But when they turn out, they are stunning.

The plaques can be hung and are also suitable for framing. 

Each piece is individually fabricated, bisque fired, glazed, high-fired and finished by me in my production and teaching studio, making each one a unique work of art.

("$0" under the entries on the collection's front page indicates there are various price points available for the design listed.)

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