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Squash and Pumpkin Rattles and Squash Vases

Many years ago, my dear friend Kathy Maslanka Peabody gifted me a selection of ornamental squash. I was fascinated with the forms and textures and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. I left the bag on the piano bench in front of my dining room window and, in typical fashion, forgot about it for too long. By the time I looked at them, they had started to spoil. But I remembered how cool they were and tucked that back in my mind.

Fast-forward a few years and, while shopping, came across squash stems that had fallen off their respective squash at the market. I love combining other natural materials with my pottery (I also do acorns incorporating foraged acorn caps) and wondered if I could make something of those stems, which most folks would just discard. I finally took the plunge to try my hand at a squash form—which was a real roller-coaster ride. I finally came up with a four-sided vase that was actually pretty cool. I took it form there and the final expression of the experiment is embodied in my Squash Rattles (both supine and upright—and, yes, the actually *do* rattle!), Squash Vases and Pumpkins Rattles. Our stems are sourced from local farmers.

Each piece is individually fabricated, bisque fired, glazed, high-fired and finished by me in my production and teaching studio, making each one a unique work of art.

("$0" under the entries on the collection's front page indicates there are various price points available for the design listed.)

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