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Pottery Workshops

Pottery workshops are project-focused, meet two or three times (depending on the project), are designed to introduce and refine basic hand-building techniques and are suitable for everyone from the novice to the experienced potter.  Most workshops are scheduled on-demand and require at least eight participants. We also offer parent/child workshops; contact us for more information.

All workshops are  held at 3903 Grayton St., Detroit, MI 48224.

No upcoming events at the moment
Workshops Below Are Available Upon Request
Contact Cheryl for More Information
Fancy Sunflower Workshop

Fancy Sunflower Workshop

Make some sunshine for your home or garden!

Try a twist on the ever-popular sunflower theme, with cool colors and textures. Novice and experienced potters will enjoy this two-day workshop to create two sunflowers - just in time for the start of gardening season! Hang them indoors or out! No experience required! Limited enrollment available. If you've already taken the Basic Workshop, you can register to make a single larger sunflower instead - just let us know!

Cost of registration ranges from $65 to $180 based on the size and style of sunflower you want to make.

Poppy Large.jpg

Large Poppy Workshop

Create your own beautiful poppy to enhance your home or garden!

Using basic hand-building pottery techniques - including scoring and slipping, slump molding and extrusion, create your own unique floral expression. Scheduled over two, two-hour sessions, in the first you will create your poppy; in the second, you will glaze it, choosing from eight lush gloss glazes. Pick up at student and instructor's convenience.

$135 for one Large Poppy.

Lace Embossed Pottery Bowls

Lace Bowl Workshop

Make your own lace-embossed stoneware bowls!

Simple yet elegant - participants will learn how to make lace ceramic bowls that can be both functional and beautiful. Come in from the cold and join us for a two-session workshop to make two (or three!) small lace bowls - choose from three different designs and over a dozen glazes!

$45 for two bowls, $67.50 for three bowls.

Hanging Bird Bowl Workshop

Hanging Bird Bowl Workshop

The perfect hand-made addition to every bird-lover''s garden!

Using basic hand-building pottery techniques, create the perfect bird-friendly Spring-time gift for your favorite avid gardener or bird lover. Featuring a leaf (you can bring your own or we can provide) branches and a ladybug, this bird bowl is the ultimate in "bird friendly" and is the perfect size for our smaller native songbirds. No experience required; suitable for the novice or experienced potter!

$70 to make one Hanging Bird Bowl.

Pottery Platter Workshop

Fairy House and Toad House Workshop

Bring some whimsy into your home and garden with your very own Fairy and Toad Houses - complete with leaf roofs and ladybugs!

Using basic hand-building pottery techniques - including texturing and draping, create your own toad-worthy abode and fairy house. Choose from different textures and leaves as well as several stains and two glazes to finish your tree-inspired creations.

$60- $80 for one Fairy House and one Small, Medium or Large Toad House.

Hanging Bird Bowl Workshop

Large Sunflower/Prairie Dock Leaf Workshop

The perfect unique display piece for your home.

Using basic hand-building pottery techniques including drape molding and extruding, create your own unique focal point for your coffee or dining table. Using a large sunflower or Prairie Dock leaf (each one-of-a-kind — we will  provide), ​design your very own centerpiece, suitable for display by itself or with your favorite fresh fruit or finds from your latest walk in the woods

$160 to make one Large (at least 12" long) Sunflower or Prairie Dock Leaf.

Pottery Platter Workshop

"Wooden" Tray Workshop

Create your own unique serving piece.

Using basic hand-building pottery techniques - including coils and slump molding, create your own unique serving piece. Choose from six textures for your tray and six different shino glazes to finish.

$110 for one tray

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