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  • Cheryl M. English

Errant Thoughts En Route to Other Destinations

This was written - I don't know when; probably over a year ago. So, the temporal references may not parse. But in terms of mindset, it certainly applies as much today as when I first wrote it, having not posted since July 2019. Here - see how this sounds....

I haven't blogged in a long, long time, so I'm just going to dive in. I'm hoping to post brief observations occasionally, as time permits. The title I'm using here reflects the fact that I have a lot of time in my work life to ruminate a lot, whether I'm doing production in the studio or driving somewhere in the back of beyond. And, as a person who tends to overthink things A LOT, maybe a smaller, shorter format will help generate some more succinct, relatable content. In discussing this idea with a friend and mentor recently, I was telling her about a presentation I'm putting together for a program on gardening for native songbirds and the fact that a lot of material relating to this type of topic only addresses the direct needs of adult birds - mostly feeding, shelter and access to water. The content doesn't seem to really relate to the birds' existence - and dependence - in the wider environment, including what they need to raise their young, from nesting materials/boxes to the food those young eat. Most of our native birds raise their young on the caterpillars of native butterflies and moths, most of whom rely on specific native plant species - host plants. Pushing out even further, without the nectar plants upon which the adults feed, the system will still break down. The little lesson here? Nothing in the world can really be treated discretely. Everything is interconnected. EVERYTHING.

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