The circular pandanus mat center texture - reminiscent of the fractals found in the centers of real sunflowers -  is dramatically enhanced when light hits the chocolatey glazed surface, complemented by rich jade green petals.


The Lustrous Jade glaze is one of my favorites. It breaks sienna over the petals' edges, transitioning to a chartreuse tone and then pooling to a gorgeous rich jade. I even made one of these to hang in my living room, I like it so much!

Lustrous Jade Fancy Sunflower

  • Every petal is individually applied and each piece finished with rich glazes for a warm, gloss finish to complement your home or garden.



    • Mini - 4.5" diameter (comes with 18" stake)
    • Tiny - 7" diameter
    • Small - 8" diameter
    • Medium - 10" diameter
    • Large - 12" diameter
    • Extra-Large - 14" diameter
    • Ginormous - 16" diameter

    All measurements are approximate.


    Display Options

    Except for Minis, all Sunflowers have wire for wall mounting; Minis can accomodate your choice for wall display.

    Poles for using Sunflowers as free-standing art in the garden are not included with any Sunflowers except Minis. You will need to purchase stakes or pipe in the following sizes:

    • Tiny and Small Sunflowers – ¼" steel stakes.
    • Medium and Large Sunflowers - ½" copper pipe.
    • Extra-Large and Ginormous - ¾" copper pipe.